Quick Guide

Four stamps at a time

Touch a large stamp button to log an event.

Touch a Statistics button to see statistics for a particalar event, or to modify and delete individual logs.

Touch a Settings button to adjust a stamp to your needs, or to select another stamp from a long list of stamps.

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Statistics can be shown in various charts or in the Annual Calendar

Life Logger XL shows your statistics in one of four chart types or in an annual calendar.

The annual calendar highlights days with activities using red lines and blue dots. Touch a date with activity to get statistics or to edit data for that particular date

Statistics can be shown for a year, a quarter or a week

Touch the small button saying "31" at the top to toggle between year, quarter and week data. Swipe left/right to get to the next or prvious period

Five logging types

A Simple 1-Click stamp is clicked once and then logged. Example: "Took the stairs"

A variant of this asks for additional user values. Example: user needs to enter fuel amount when fueling

Start/stop stamps are touched twice: once for starting and then again for stopping.
Bluetooth stamps start and stop logging automatically when Bluetooth connects and disconnects

Get more details behind the statistics

After touching a part of a chart or calendar, a pop-up will show more details. Press Map to see GPS logs or press Data to easily view, edit and delete data behind the statistics.

Touch part of a chart to get data specific to that part

Touch a slice on a donut chart to get further statistics or see logged locations on a map.

If the slice is very small, you can pinch-zoom the chart in order to easily hit the right slice 

The histogram is great for analyzing habits

The histogram shows you how often you log certain values. An example is car trips, where the histogram shows you how often you drive certain distances. 

The filter button at the top discards the most extreme 10% (the outliers), giving you a clearer view on the typical values.

The above example was filtered 3 times ("3x" on the filter button) and shows 13 car rides shorter than 5 km. You might consider buying  a bicycle?

Study the GPS logs on the map

Press Map Type to toggle between map types such as satellite or terrain. Pan and zoom the map as you like.

Zoom To Fit then repositions the map to show all data at an ideal zoom level.

Long press any position on the map in order to place own permanent push pins at e.g. your home or your work place.

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Edit data

Edit or delete individual logs, export one or many individual trips into one KML file, e.g. for viewing on Google earth, or for loading into your favourite navigation device. 











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Manage stamps

Rename or delete individual stamp sets, check memory usage for stamps and GPS logs, back-up and restore data, import and export CSV. Export KML. Export locally, to the cloud or to e-mail address

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