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Speed Inspector

  • The Speed Inspector divides your trip into 1 km or 1 mile segments

  • For each segment, the app calculates the average speed

  • The segments can then be colorized according to speed

  • You can have all segments or the die Top/Flop 5 segments colorized

  • Or you pick sthe most interesting segments for coloring manually 

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Bar Chart:

  • The bar chart shows distance, duration, calories and number of active day

  • Data are presented for a full year, a quarter or a week

  • Swipe left/right for browsing through years, quarters or weeks

  • Touch a bar in the chart for getting detailed information about the related trips or to plot the trips on a map

  • You can quickly plot a large number of trips, e.g. all trips in July on one map

Annual Calendar

  • The calendar shows when and how much you have traveled

  • The longer the red bar, the more you traveled

  • Touch a day to get a list of trips on that day, or to have some or all the sub-trips plotted on the map

  • Swipe left/right to browse through the years

Trip History:

  • Here all your trips are listed

  • The trips can be listed on a fully individual level, or summarized day by day

  • Select one or more trips, and then have them shown on the map or exported in a KML file  (PRO feature) 

  • Touch the list outside of the selection boxes in order to go directly to the map display

Map View

  • On the Map one or more trips can be shown at once

  • In addition, the main trip data are summarized at the top

  • The maps are fully interactive, i.e. they can be zoomed, panned and rotated

  • The maps are high quality, easy-readable Google Mpas, including satellite-Images





  • Beat yourself in 6 categories

  • Nine cups to win per category

  • Browse through your top 10 achievements with direct links to their map view

The complete solution for cyclists

  • Great maps

  • Top statistics

  • Speed Inspector:  Where were you fast, where slow

  • Challenges and trophies

  • Plot reference tripson the map, e.g. for redoing with higher speed 

  • GPS-based speedometer showing average and top speed

  • PRO Feature: Export your trips as CSV and KML 


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