Life Logger XL

- logs your life!

How are you leading your life?

  • how much time do you spend in your car?

  • how many kilometers do you jog or ride your bike?

  • how much time do you spend at work?

  • when and where do you walk your dog?

  • how much coffee do you drink?

  • how often do you refuel your boat?

Where do you go?

  • show map for last week, last month, or the last 10-day holiday

  • show maps specifically for e.g. dog walking or car rides

Get answers from beautiful interactive charts

  • pie charts, bar charts, donut charts
  • special chart: histogram. The histogram helps revealing patterns and habits, e.g that most of your car rides are between 1 and 3 kms long. Who knows, you might rethink your habits.
  • great overview on the practical annual calendar
  • All charts and the calendar are interactive. Touch any part of the chart to get specific data and maps 

And much more:

  • export or import to/from spreadsheets such as MS Excel

  • export/import to cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsofts OneDrive

    • Google Drive and Onedrive coming soon

  • export KML for viewing on Google maps, Google Earth or your favorite mapping app

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